Please support this web site and benefit from the goodwill of other ex-pupils by advertising with us. Our fees are minimal; and, as we operate the web site on a not-for-profit basis, any revenue we raise is used to help cover our maintenance costs.


Each advertisement can include a link to your own web site. If you don't have a web site, we can add a single page within the domain if you wish.


Alternatively, if you prefer an independent web site with its own domain name, our professional (ex-Longlands) web designer, Kevin James BSc(Hons) MSc PhD FIAP, can provide you with whatever you need:


  • Static web sites

  • Domain registration and email accounts

  • e-Commerce systems with secure online payment services

  • Product photography and Adobe Flash

  • Online booking systems, databases and coding

  • Search engine optimisation and web-marketing services



How Do I Arrange an Advertisement?


Whether you want a basic ad., an ad. plus a web page, or a complete stand-alone web site, Kevin will be happy to arrange everything for you. Email him at


Basic Advertising Rates


Example sizes are shown in the side-bar at the left of this page. Our yearly rates depend upon size and prominence of your advertisement, as listed in the table below.



Size / px

Small 196x118

Medium 196x325

Home Page

20 35

Galleries / History Index Page

15 30



Web Page Prices


Single web pages within our own domains start at 10, but the price is, of course, dependent upon the extent and complexity of the content required.



Web Site Prices


Independent web sites usually cost a few hundred pounds (for a 2 to 5 page static site), although online applications (such as e-commerce or booking systems) tend to be somewhat more expensive. Kevin is happy to provide all the advice you need. Please contact him at for a detailed and competitive quotation.


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