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I would like to make sure that nobody shown in the picture galleries has any objection to being featured or identified on this web site.

However, I cannot generally obtain prior approval from everyone appearing in the photographs that I am given. (In fact, in the majority of cases I'm not even sure of the identity of the people shown.)

If you have any concerns whatsoever about photographs or information appearing on this web site, please contact me and I will ensure your name and/or image is removed from the galleries as soon as possible.

My contact details are shown on the Home page.

Paul Gardner








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Consequently, we recommend that you do not enter any information into this web site which you regard as personally or financially sensitive.





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Accuracy of Information on this Web Site


While I strive to ensure that the material we publish here is accurate, it is impracticable to check and verify much of the information which is sent in or which is posted on the site by members. Consequently, I do not warrant that any information presented on this web site, whether in the photograph galleries the contact directory the forum or elsewhere, is accurate; and I cannot accept any liability for inaccurate or incomplete data. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of information on this web site, please contact me, Paul Gardner.



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